Low Calorie Foods - Choosing The Best For Weight Loss

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Low Calorie Foods - Choosing The Best For Weight Loss

Low Calorie Foods

Talk about a new concept. It is called energy density . Is the amount of energy or low calorie foods in a given amount of food . If you want to lose weight , you're better off eating foods low density - high volume foods that contain small amounts of calories. By eating lowest calorie foods, you get full faster, but consumes less energy. Vegetables and fruits are examples of this type of food .

Talking about specific food examples. Raisins are an example of high-density foods . You get 100 low calorie foods 1/4th cup raisins . Instead of raisins, try eating grapes. A cup of raisins provides the same amount of lowest calorie foods 1/4th cup raisins . This is good for weight loss low calorie fruits.

Other examples of high-density foods are calorie soft drinks, candy, chips and other fast foods . A portion of fries, small , contains 225 low calorie fruits. You can get the same amount of low calorie foods in 1 1/ 2 cups strawberries, 10 cups of spinach and a small apple . As a bonus, you can make a lot of vitamins and minerals. It will take more time to consume what his hunger by eating .

Low calorie fruits, A large glazed donut packs 300 calories. You 'ill get the same amount of low calorie foods in a bowl of bran flakes, blueberries , skim milk and peanut on whole wheat bread butter.

A chocolate bar has about 275 low calorie foods. The same amount of calories you can have salad low fat chicken pita . You will be happier too.

What a cheeseburger ? This American favorite packs a huge 600 calories. This is the equivalent calories of an entire meal of fresh fruits, vegetables , sandwiches and soup.

Low calorie foods

You should also think about the energy density when snacking . Ideally, you should not go above 100 calorie per bite . If you drink an ounce of chips, you are taking in 150 low calorie foods. Try 3 1/ 2 cups of popcorn blown instead. It will only take in 100 calorie.

You can eat healthy food, low calorie foods density satisfying without having to eat less and choosing what you eat a little more carefully. Here is a simple guide to always eat foods low density without taking the calculator. Fill your half your plate with vegetables , one quarter with whole grains, and the last quarter with lean protein . For dessert, eat fruits rather than cakes.

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